The tongue-and-groove timber stage is designed for flexibility. With and approximate total area of 297 sq m, the length from the front edge to the rear is 24.2 m and the height of the stage from auditorium floor is 1.1m. The stage can be further extended by an extra 72 sq m,bringing the total area to 369 sq m.

The walls surrounding the stage are acoustically treated to be sound reflective or absorbent, depending on the desired use. There are several loading bays and service lifts to enable delivery of freight or instruments to the stage. An orchestra pit can be set up to accommodate a maximum capacity of 45 musicians.


"...One of the best crews that we have ever worked with." -SPYRO GYRA

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Behind every great orchestra are the hardworking and skilled individuals of the stage crew. They provide a flawless platform from which each spectacular show is performed, from lights and lifting of heavy instruments to the tiniest details like individual props and rigging.