Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS

Klais Pipe Organ

From whisper to thunder, DFP Klais Pipe Organ produces a multitude of musical sounds with its 2977 pipes that range in height from just over an inch to a towering 32 ft. Designed and built by eminent organ builders Johannes Klais of Bonn, Germany, the Pipe Organ was inaugurated on 17th August 1998 with a breathtaking performance by Simon Preston. Providing a magnificent backdrop to the stage, the organ’s façade is inspired by the angklung, a traditional Malay musical instrument.


The design of the pipe organ has evolved over 2300 years to become an instrument capable of producing the highest pitches at the threshold of human hearing, as well as the deepest tones that cannot be replicated by any other instrument. The pipe organ is truly the ‘King of Instruments’.

Interesting facts about the DFP Klais Pipe Organ

Tallest wooden pipe: 4800 mm
Diameter of tallest wooden pipe: 377 mm x 303 mm
Diameter of tallest metal pipe: 271 mm
Diameter of shortest pipe: 5 mm
Tallest metal pipe: 6180 mm with pipe-foot
Shortest metal pipe: 6 mm without pipe-foot


1. Attached console
Console attached, bench adjustable, music stand and lighting. Manual keyboard of fir: naturals with bone plates and sharps of ebony. The Pedal board of oak will be BDO standard positioned from d# under d#’.

Stop Keys with electrically operated draw knobs for use with setter combination action.

1024 Setter Combinations state-of-the-art technology

Push Buttons for setter combinations; sequence switch up/down, sequence switch for assistant.

Toe Studs
Positiv to Great
Swell to Great
Swell to Positiv
Super Swell to Great } reversible with draw knobs
Sub Swell to Great
Positiv to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Setter combinations; sequence switch up/down

Balance Pedal for Swell
Crescendo Roller with indicator
Switch for electric power

2. Second Moveable Console

Electrically operated and equipped with the same functions as the attached one, but in its layout/size as small as possible.